Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your Team Rocks! Rockin’ Refuel Contest

Are your kids playing sports?  Are you raising an athlete or two?  

In order to play like the pros, you’ve got to train like the pros. Rockin’ Refuel wants to give one lucky youth or high school sports team the chance to attend an all-expenses-paid fantasy camp experience at St. Vincent Sports Performance – a premier athletic training facility that trains more than 300 professional and Olympic athletes. 

How to Enter:  In 200 words or less, tell us why your team “rocks.”  How have they proven the true meaning of teamwork, beaten the odds or consistently crushed the                       competition? How does the team fuel up and cool down after games? Why would they benefit from an all-star training weekend? Be sure to include a picture of the team as well. Performance Medicine – Athletic competition is much more complex than just being healthy or not. Top athletic trainers will help assess injuries to make sure each player is at the top of his game.
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The Prize:  One lucky youth or high school sports team will win an all-expenses paid  trip to St. Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis for all team members and chaperones (up to $40,000 in total cost), a premier athletic training facility. There the team will go through a two-day fantasy camp training regimen including: 
  • Performance Training – The superb performance specialists and athletic trainers offer cutting edge strength and conditioning programs from speed and energy system development, to Olympic lifting, mobility, pliability and agility.
  • Performance Psychology – Competition is about mental toughness as well as physical ability. Sports psychologists will help teams build focus and concentration to help “get in the zone” more consistently.
  • Performance Nutrition – What you eat before, during and after exercise is critical and can make or break athletic performance. Sports nutritionists will help athletes reach their fullest potential by decreasing recovery time.

    Eligibility: Anyone can nominate a team; the athletes must be 14-18 years old. The athletes can participate in any type of team sport.
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