Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Review: Reasons Why YOU ROCK!

Reasons Why YOU ROCK! guides you to systematically uncover everything that is great about you - gifts, talents and attributes you may not have even been aware of - and allows you to make this new, healthy identity the one that powers you to the successful life you deserve. Author Kathy Light has centered around developing leaders - helping them grow their businesses, make more money, and lead more satisfying, impactful lives. (details from Amazon description)

A very intriguing title. I think I was drawn to this book because at times being a stay at home mother I am not recognized as doing a GREAT WORK! And I needed a reminder of why I ROCK! Well it did just that.

Immediately after reading just the first couple of pages I was feeling that this was something I truly needed. I needed to know why I ROCK. Just like when you fly & in case of emergency those air masks fall & you are to secure your mask first then help others, I NEEDED this book to help myself be the best Me, Mom, Sister, Friend, Neighbor, whatever…so I can then help others.

This book is a keeper.  Its a book that you can write in & find out more about yourself & a book that you can go back to years later to remember & rediscover your self. What a Fabulous FIND! A great book for You, or Fabulous gift to give to a friend or spouse. Worth every Penny!

You can find this book on Amazon here.

**I was not compensated for this post, although I was given this book to read to facilitate this review. Any & all opinions are MINE.**

Also, it looks like Anna wrote this review but it was really Rachel.  This is the last of the posts that we’ve had problems saving and so I had to publish it via my (Anna’s) blogger account.


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