Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moana Saves RAVE: Roots Only Hair Color Applicator

Once in a while we come across a product that deserves another shout out.
Thus, a Moana Saves RAVE.
As in, not just good, or great, but we really do want to rave about you!
And, this time, it’s the Roots Only Hair Color Applicator!
roots only logo I reviewed Roots Only here in January using my mom as the tester and model.  Since then I’ve colored my hair twice using the Roots Only Hair Color Applicator.  The first time, nearly a month ago, I’d used a color that was a shade too light.  But I had no complaints about the Roots Only applicator.  The hair color I bought at Wags came withroots only comb its own comb-like applicator but Roots Only comb is twice as long and, therefore, distributes color twice as well.  Today I used the Roots Only applicator again and while rinsing it out afterward, I marveled at how a simple little bottle makes at-home hair coloring so simple.  The bathroom mess which was always a part of my process doesn’t exist now  and I’m confident that I’m getting all of the gray patches growing in because the applicator makes it easy to apply color everywhere on my head.  Mahalo nui, Roots Only!  You’ve reduced my hair maintenance budget by at least two-thirds!

You can purchase a single, double or triple pack of Roots Only Hair Color Applicators here.


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