Wednesday, March 30, 2011

doTERRA PastTense: 10 percent off in April

This is one I have been waiting to go on sale!

PastTense: a Tension Blend
Mostly used for headaches and migraines.  In it, is wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, roman chamomile, basil, and rosemary.  These help with the inflammation, pain and soothe nerves.  As you can see it comes in a roll-on bottle, so you get just the right amount topically on your forehead or your wrists to use aromatically.  You can also use on the temples or back of neck.

Item #3135 10ml  Retail $24.67- during April: $22.20

Again there are different ways to order- Retail (10% off), Preferred Customer (17% off all retail + 35% off the special) or Wholesale/IPC (25% off all retail + 35% off the special). 

Go HERE to shop retail, it's under Oil Blends.
Go HERE to join as either a Preferred Customer ($10 fee) or Wholesale member/IPC ($35 or purchase 100 Point kit) and you can also add this to your order and get your Autoship reward program started.
*Oahu residents- let me know by April 1, I can add to my order and you won't have shipping or tax added.

Email me if you have questions about oils, purchasing, joining or anything I have discussed.

Some of the benefits of Preferred Customer and Wholesale is a reward program for automatic shipments or Loyalty Rewards (50 Point minimum order), but you can change the items each month- and include the specials.  As you slowly build your supply, as I have, and replenish what you are using, you get more and more back.  It starts with 10% reward from your purchase- or 5 Points if you do the 50 minimum.  After 3 months, it goes up to 15% reward, and all the way up to 30% banked for you when you keep ordering.  If you ever need to stop, you must redeem your Points for oils and products then cancel.  If you start again, you are at the 10% and start over.  You also need to redeem your points once a year, before your anniversary of becoming a member for all your free products (not including transaction fee and shipping).

Also going on in April:
Free FM Assist when you buy one - while supplies last
Free MJ Assist when you buy one - while supplies last
Free Immortelle (BRAND NEW- $95 value) with 200 PV autoship which includes the Essential Skin Care kit (3706)

I am a wholesale member/IPC of doTERRA, all opinions are my own.
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