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CSN Stores

So, I was looking for some muffin tins on Then, I saw some cookie cutters that were so cute. And then, my daughter walked in with her rain boots and I remembered that I really need some rain boots, too. There were so many cute designs to choose from, so I ended up getting an apron for my husband who loves to grill... I know that probably made no sense at all, but that really is what happened! is your one-stop shop for almost anything you can think of. From furniture to lighting, from exercise and fitness to baby and kids' stuff, they've got it all... and all in one place. You can easily lose a couple hours browsing through all the great stuff they have... believe me, it's happened to me more than once (that's an understatement). Finally, I saw THE cutest aprons that I just had to have. While I was browsing through the large selection of styles and patterns, I saw cool aprons for men and thought about the many clothes my husband has ruined while grilling. Fine, I guess I'll make do with just the three aprons I already have. What? I like aprons. They're cute and fun and you look good when you're cooking. Well, that's what I tell myself. 

When I decided to go with the red apron that read, "Caution: Extremely Hot," I added the apron to my cart. has this really cool feature that shows you similar products on the checkout page before you commit to buy what is in your cart. I love this feature, because it worked out very well for me -- there was a black apron that read, "I Turn Grills On," and I loved that even more than the first. 

I switched aprons, bought it with ease at around 11pm Hawaii Time on a Monday night, then got an email when I got into work at 8am the next day saying my item had shipped! I don't think I have ever been shipped something so fast! It only took a week to get here, even with our tsunami warning that delayed or canceled many flights into Hawaii that weekend. I was impressed. And, my husband loves his new apron. He is already planning to buy a couple for his grilling buddies, or should I say "grill friends." Hahahaha, wait, am I the only one laughing?

If you want a super cute apron for you or the BBQ king in your life, head on over to and you'll find just that, along with so much more.


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