Saturday, March 12, 2011

Check out Stodgy is Sexy

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We Are The Revolution. We Are Boring.

The movement has begun.  Arrogance is out.  Conspicuous consumption is out.  Risk is definitely out.  In the ways we spend, dress, invest, and consume, we are returning to old values like thrift, simplicity, and basic common sense.  Stodgy?  Absolutely.  And stodgy is a good thing. Stodgy is Sexy.
What to do with a website that embraces its frugal identity like that?  Well you bookmark it or add it to your Google reader, of course!  Because of the recent financial upheaval felt 'round the world, cheap is in.  Skinflint is hip!  And Stodgy is Sexy.  This site proudly calls attention to the simplicity movement and declares frugality to be mainstream.
In the hub's family and mine, we come from solidly cheap genes so downsizing has not been hard for us.  In fact, our living fast and loose in the good times looked pretty stodgy to everyone else.  We aren't so interested in things and we never were.  We embrace experiences and our few indulgences have been about traveling with the kids.  While the world teetered financially, we were blessed enough to keep our jobs and upgrade our living situation which caused us to be more stodgy than ever with our money.  I'm not saying this to point out our sexy stodgy-ness but, rather, to say that being fiscally conservative has served us in good times and bad.  And that's why its so fun to follow a site like Stodgy is Sexy.
If you've had to downsize your lifestyle or you just embrace simplicity and frugality, go to Stodgy is Sexy and watch webisodes about like-minded folks who proudly declare that the new SEXY is Stodgy and show you exactly how.
Although my video below doesn't come near the quality and utility of the webisodes on Stodgy is Sexy, check out my three useful tools for embracing the Stodgy life (and saving some $$):

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  1. AHHHH this is great. I USE CRAIGSLIST, COUPONS, & the library too. Thanks for the video. So great to see others use and love the same things I do. :)

  2. I'm about as "stodgy" as you can get. LOL We learn to live within our means, and do the best with what we can.. and we're still surviving quite nicely. :)


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