Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Nizo Wear Nursing Bra, A Review

Nursing is a wonderful time of bonding with your newborn baby.
And most of your experience nursing should be positive. I remember, before giving birth to my first, gearing up for the pains of labor and all of the physical and emotional stress. I got through it knowing I would be okay. 

But NO ONE warned me about the pains of first-time breastfeeding! I had hoped that after giving birth my body could relax and repair. Nursing my oldest was one of the hardest physical experiences of my being a new mom. My nipples hurt, were bleeding, I was engorged, and I had mastitis. How I wish I had this bra then!

The Solace Nizo Wear Nursing Bra is the most unique nursing bra I’ve ever seen. It is a traditional nursing bra, but with an extra “pocket” inside, a thin layer of comfortable, breathable fabric that allows for you to place a hot or cold pack as the situation demands.
I like that it has the extra thin layer of fabric or “pocket” as it keeps your compress from moving around and it keeps the hot/cold from making direct contact your skin. It’s much more comfortable and safe that way.
The Solace bra is made of a cotton micro-fiber, with a drop cup, which allows for stretch and changing shape. Be sure to check their sizing guidelines so you get the right size for you! Some bras you can get away with being a little off, but this bra you need to be sure you get the right size or you’ll end up with it either too tight or too baggy. (It’s not a shaped bra.)  It is currently available in nude with pretty pink swirls, and I really like that the straps are not too skinny and not huge thick. They are proportioned to the bra and make you feel pretty and not like you have shoulder pads on. 
I also received a pair of Nizo Wear underwear in pink, which I really like. They are made of  90% cotton and 10% spandex. The bikini cut bottoms are supportive, and super comfy. They don’t ride up in the back, which is important.
Another perk to Nizo wear is that it is affordable! The Solace bra runs for $26.99 and the underwear, if paired with a bra is $9.

To purchase the Solace Nizo Wear Nursing Bra go HERE.

To purchase other Nizo Wear go HERE.

*I was not paid but did recieve Nizo Wear in order to facilitate this review. Any and all opinions here are my own.

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