Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: Kiddie Catch-All

My 2 year old is notorious for ALWAYS throwing everything he is given to the ground. When we're in the van, I have tried putting the object in between his leg and the side of his seat, but he hates having it touch him--whatever it is. BUT then he gets so frustrated when he wants that THING he has just thrown to the ground. And then I get frustrated.

Hallelujah for Kiddie Catch-All

Kiddie Catch-All™ is the perfect accessory for your car, truck or minivan! Fill it with books, toys, games, snacks, sippie cups...whatever your child wants is now right at their fingertips with the Kiddie Catch-All™. Never worry about picking things off the floor while driving again! And no more taking your eyes off the road! Keep your car organized, your family safe and your children occupied with the Kiddie Catch-All™

Kiddie Catch-All to the rescue. I attached the catch-all easily & my frustrated 2 year old was happy.  He can easily grab any item he needs right out of the catch-all. He loves having his OWN special place to put things. Even my big kids who sit next to cup holders & cubbies wanted one for themselves. This Catch-All mesh bag can even be adjusted for height or removed to be washed, such a great idea.

Well THANKS Kiddie Catch-all for keeping our drives frustration-FREE these days.

Such a simple & brilliant idea.

TO PURCHASE, visit Kiddie Catch-All.  They have a Buy One get One FREE deal right now.

**I was not compensated for this post but I did receive product samples to facilitate my review. Mahalo to Family Review Network for providing this opportunity.  All opinions on this review are mine!


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