Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Purely Pleasures Sugar Wax: A Review (Moana Saves is Going Green Guide)

Living on an island can shape our perspective about how our lives impact the planet and either positively or negatively affect sustainability. We're not suggesting that we are green experts. Rather, we are interested in highlighting how we think, shop and spend can evolve so that can sustain the earth's future for our kids. Plus we're looking at some really cool stuff! Stay tuned!

Who wears short shorts? Okay, not the same product, but I would dare wear short shorts after using Purely Pleasures Sugar Wax, that's for sure. I've used me a hair wax or two before, but have been disappointed with the lack of removal strength. Let's just say that my strongest Samoan trait may be in the form of leg hair. 

Well, not only is Purely Pleasures Sugar Wax strong enough to pull out these crazy Samoan hairs, it's also gentle on my skin. I know, whaaaat? Because the sugaring sticks to the hair, not the skin, and is pulled in the direction of hair growth, it minimizes skin irritation and reddening. I was a little skeptical about pulling it in the direction of hair growth, probably just because every other wax I've used says to do the opposite. I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of little hair roots and follicles sticking to the wax after I yanked it off. And, my skin was not irritated at all. It was red for a while, but nothing alarming or unusual. 

Okay, besides the efficiency of this Sugar Wax, a huge bonus is that it's CHEMICAL FREE -- yay for being GREEN!!! There are no harmful toxins to seep into your skin, no heating, no strips, just the wax and the warmth of your hands. It does take a little getting used to and can get messy if the wax gets too heated from your own body heat. However, once you get the hang of it, you'll love the results. Just make sure you double-check the area you've waxed to ensure you've gotten everything, unlike me, who was walking around with a patch of fur on the backside of my ankle. Charming, I know. I really love that this wax is water soluble. You can wipe off with a washcloth or just jump in the shower, which I would recommend. Results last anywhere from 2-8 weeks, yay for no shaving! 

Visit Purely Pleasures to find sugar wax and other great products! You can also view a sugar wax tutorial on their website.

I was not compensated for this post although I did receive a product sample to facilitate the original review. Any and all opinions here are mine.

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