Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: Zippies- the pals that hang around

These adorable ZIPPIES ID tags are like your kids' friendly reminders on their things.  We each took turns trying to find different uses.

Zippies Bottle Tags Series 1 - FlopsThese were so fun- each tag has a different name- so the kids took their favorite character and identified right away what their names were.  There's more than one way to attach your tag to items- either with the loop or clip.  I put our last name only with a number that forwards to my cell phone.

My oldest put one on his backpack- he has a class of 27 kids, so his Zippie helps him to spot his things quickly at the end of the school day.  And hopefully helpful for the teacher- "whose bag is this" won't have to be something she has to call out for my kid.

My next oldest put his on his lunchbox.  At his school everyone brings lunches, and the name I wrote on it at the beginning of the school year has definitely faded by now.  He knows easily which bag to grab because of his attached Zippie.

My 3rd son would not let his Zippie tag out of his sight.  First of all, it was green- which is a requirement for anything he has!  He took it to preschool for show and tell, kept it in his pocket and I think even took it in bed with him.  He's 3 so he didn't have a real item to put it on necessarily, but kept track of it well- good practice for his belongings and taking care of them.

I put one on my keys and hooked it onto a loop in my purse- made it very easy to find my keys in that abyss.  I also staked claim on my water bottle with a Zippie so everyone else knew not to touch it.  Plus, if something got lost, they'd know how to get it back to us- which saves more than replacing most of these items we attached them to.

Available in 10 different characters, such as a walrus, Wally, or frog, Faina, Zippies sell for $4.98 each or $39.99 for the entire limited-edition first series.  They can be ordered online at and are found at select retailers like Amazon.

I was not compensated for this review.  Mahalo to Family Review Network and Zippies for providing free product samples in exchange for my review featuring my honest opinion.  


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