Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moana Saves Rave: King Arthur Flour

Once in a while we come across a product that deserves another shout out.
Thus, a Moana Saves RAVE.
As in, not just good, or great, but we really do want to rave about you!
And, this time, it’s King Arthur Flour.

I reviewed a few King Arthur Flour baking products here on Moana Saves (all were GREAT!) but I just have to rave about their kids baking items.  The pizza kit I reviewed in February was so much fun to make. I loved the simple instructions and more importantly the taste! I am a whole grain eating momma but this pizza crust was so light and flavorful I couldn't tell it was whole wheat until I checked the label. In the past I've also tried their ABC donut kit that unfortunately is a discontinued product. (BEST baked donuts I have ever tasted and my kids were the chefs. Hopefully a baked donut substitute is introduced before we hungry donut people go crazy!)

King Arthur Flour has some great looking kids baking products listed on their site. Head over HERE and check out their kids baking tools and food kits. I'm especially interested in trying out the foodoodler markers, edible ink from marker sized pens. Doesn't that look fun?

Congratulations on reaching rave status on Moana Saves, King Arthur Flour!


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