Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reviewing the Reader #3

As in what have I read in Google Reader recently?  When I'm stuck somewhere with time to kill, I open Google Reader on my Evo and devour blogs.  I subscribe to a wide variety--from frugal living/budgeting hacks to up-close-and-personal peeps I know.  Here are some interesting blog posts in no particular order:

Blogger Appreciation Day / February 2011: I love this idea of looking at your blog’s metrics from the previous month and then listing your top traffic providers as a way of saying thank you.  I might steal use it.

Surfsens is One Tricked Out Surfboard: Duke Kahanamoku would roll over in his grave and Eddie Aikau would NOT go if they heard about this surfing innovation.  Some things just don’t have to be improved upon.

12 Frugal Apps that Make it Hip to be Square:  I love GroceryIQ! Must get CouponSherpa . . .

Another Seal Sighting in Kaaawa:  This is a beach we drive by when we go to Kaneohe or the airport.  Seeing a seal sunning itself is pretty common although because Hawaiian Monk Seals are endangered we’re not allowed to get close to it.   Still it’s definitely on the list of things that make us ‘lucky we live Hawai’i’.

Create Time to Change Your Life:  This blog post is simple and profound (Leo Barbuta’s M.O., actually) and I was happy to see that already doing many of the streamlining steps he recommends.  Except waking up early—must work on that.

What interesting blogs do you subscribe to?  Any great blog entries?  Leave a comment and talk up what's in your reader!  Peace out--


  1. Hey I just noticed that you listed my post- thanks! You should totally do one too. I find it so interesting to read where everyone's traffic comes from. Maybe I am just nosey LOL!

  2. I LOVE the blog appreciation day!
    I am also nosy, and find it very interesting to see where traffic is coming from, and whos blog posts about me are actually directing traffic to my site :)
    I have not done it yet tho. Maybe I should try this month.

  3. Ahh your first one went to Stacie's Blogger Appreciation where I was her top traffic site. WOOO HOOO. I definitely loved that post and it caught my eye too. I subscribe to SO MANY great blogs. The sad part is I have the hardest time getting to them all as much as I would like. My favorite blog posts are the ones that give useful information whether it be for blogging or everyday life. I find these on Simply Stacie and Survey Junkie all the time. :)

  4. I also love the Blogger Appreciation Day idea. I may have to steal.. ahem borrow... that too. LOL I have quite a few followers that I would love to thank for being so loyal and awesome!


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