Friday, March 4, 2011

Create a Welcome Page for your Blog

pagemodo logo I was strolling through my Facebook feed when I clicked on SuzieQTPie’s Scraps of Life and found her new welcome page.  It was cool! And it was free!  Which meant that nothing could stop me from trying it out. 
Pagemodo is a marketing design application on Facebook that lets you design pages for your Blog/Business/Brand page.  It adds a professional touch to your presence on Facebook and also personalizes it as well.  I added the header from the Mopagemodo samplerana Saves blog (although it isn’t as stunning as it is here) and some pics of the MS bloggers.  Oh and that ocean pic?  That’s just down the street from where we live.  I know: Lucky we live Hawai’i.  And I enjoyed communicating that as well using Pagemodo.  The future of online marketing will definitely include Facebook.  Pagemodo helps you present yourself professionally on Facebook.  While I used the free Pagemodo option, there are also upgrade packages if you want to harness the greater strength of the application.   Check out the new Moana Saves Welcome page on Facebook!


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