Friday, March 25, 2011

Dove Visible Care Softening Creme with NutriumMoisture: A Review

Let me just start off by saying that I am a biased Dove lover, so I knew I'd love this stuff before I even tried it. I've been using Dove products for my whole married life (almost 9 years, holler!). I wish it was my whole life period, but better late than never. For bathing, my family uses the classic Dove bars, but a couple of us have pretty dry skin, even here in humid Hawaii, so I was very excited to review Dove Visible Care Softening Creme with NutriumMoisture.

"Designed to soften skin and dry spots, this unique formula -- with our highest concentration of NutriumMoisture -- contains skin-natural building blocks to help improve skin's look over time. Use daily for visibly more beautiful skin in just one week."

It hasn't even been one week (5 days) and I can tell, no FEEL the difference in my skin, most especially my legs. It's the end of our "winter" so it's not very humid, which means my legs are dry... noticeably dry so that my skin looks ashy without even scratching it. I just scratched my legs (for unscientific review purposes) and no dry scratch marks. While that may not be a big deal to you reading this, it's a big, lovely, moisturized deal for me. Being able to cut out an extra step post-shower because I don't have to put lotion on is also a huge plus. Not only does Dove Visible Care Softening Creme with NutriumMoisture really work with visible results, it smells delightful, too. I've already banned the hubby and my not-so-dry-skin-children from using the stuff until I can get my hands on a new bottle so that us dry folks can reap the moisturized benefits for as long as possible. It's not like I'm making them suffer, they're still using Dove, they just don't need the extra NutriumMoisture like we do! I will most definitely be using this on my trip to California this coming winter, where my skin dries out so fast.

I know it's a little late but the VisibleCare Close-Up Challenge wraps up this Saturday the 26th at noon, so this is a last call for you to submit your own video sharing why you're ready for the ultimate close-up experience, a weeklong all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles! While there, the winner will get an authentic Dancing With the Stars experience, including training with a performer from the show, confidence coaching from Jennie Garth and the ultimate opportunity: a "finale" of her own dancing in front of America in a Dove-sponsored TV spot during the season finale of Dancing With the Stars.

I was not compensated for this blog post although I did receive a free product sample to facilitate my review.  Any and all opinions here are my own.


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