Friday, March 11, 2011

Seen and Heard During a Tsunami Watch

A possible tsunami?  I should blog about it?

Well, I must monitor the twitter #hawaii #tsunami feed.  That’s where the real news is.

I’m confused; why is KHNL Hawaii on CNN? OOOHHHH, its CNN on KHNL.

I should turn off the TV.  The Japan pics are freaking out Second Born but.i.can’t.stop.watching.

The hub is filling two 5 gallon containers with water.  Just in case. 

Watching tsunami waves in Japan on KHNL.  Filling me with dread.  The tsunami waves are long and forbidding.

Showers for everyone so if it comes at least we’re clean.

Go to Foodland for diet pepsi water. This place is cah-razy.

Evacuation sirens going off. 

Prayers for everyone tonight.

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  1. stay safe you guys...people near the coastal area here in our country are also preparing to evacuate...prayers to you....


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