Thursday, March 3, 2011

What are You Squared of? A Squaredy Cat Review

squaredy logo Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that I was unsure about what a Squaredy Cat was when I first contacted Kurt Marquart, one of the product developers at Monkey Doodle Dandy.  When Cheeri, the Squaredy Cat who is not squared to show spirit, showed up at our house, I was pleasantly surprised.  Second born instantly claimed Cheeri with all her cute stickers and pins for herself.  Cheeri is bright, soft and fun!

As a mom, I like the message that the Squaredy line (there are both cats and monsters in the works) promotes: “It’s about personality, it’s about mood, it’s about expression.”  In particular, each fun and whimsical Squaredy Cats character makes a personal statement of self-expression through assertive declarations of pride.  Besides Cheeri, the Squaredy Cats line also includes Honey (not squaredy cats group squared to be smart), Tiger Lily (not squared to go wild) and Midnight (not squared of the dark)—there is a total of eight Squaredy Cat characters.  These adorable stuffed animals share a message with kids that I’m not ‘squared’ to admire and may just help you reinforce positive self-image in your daughter along the way.

You can keep up with the Squaredy Cats characters on Facebook or on Twitter (where I found out that Squaredy Cats are now available online at and in their brick and mortar stores as well.  Each Squaredy Cat  measures 8.2 x 6.3 x 6.2 and retails for $12.00.


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