Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lenox Re-new Glassware, A Review

Living on an island can shape our perspective about how our lives impact the planet and either positively or negatively affect sustainability.  We're not suggesting that we are green experts.  Rather, we are interested in highlighting how we think, shop and spend can evolve so that can sustain the earth's future for our kids.  Plus we're looking at some really cool stuff! Stay tuned!
You’ve seen them.
Tags attached to various consumer items stating “made of 25% recycled materials."
Or “made of 35% post consumer content."  I even ran into a shirt once that had a tag saying “made of 34% post consumer content." Really? The shirt? No, after doing a little more skeptical looking, I realized the tag was referring to the 3” tag itself. Wow.
We all want to leave our mark on the world by being green.
Being green feels productive, happy and … clean.
So I was super excited to receive a Re-new All Purpose Glass from Lenox made of 100% recycled glass!

The main purpose of the glass line is to protect the environment, and then to serve your favorite beverages. (Personally, I would serve dessert in them too!)
The pieces in Lenox’s Re-new Set include the Re-new All Purpose Glass, the Re-new Goblet, and the Re-new Pitcher. Perfect for hosting guests, and quite a conversation starter if I do say so myself.

Introduced in 2008, all Re-new pieces are imported, crafted of 100% recycled glass, dishwasher safe, attractive, and affordable!
I really like the shape of the glass and the hint of light teal color.
It came very well packed, and is a sturdy glass. 
It’s an easy way to be green and enjoy it!
To purchase Lenox Re-new products, go HERE.
To see other Lenox products go HERE.

I’m taking my Re-new glass, raising it, and toasting to being green!

I was not compensated for this post although I did receive a free product sample to facilitate my review.  Any and all opinions here are my own.


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