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PROM: Who are you going (to see it) with?

Not sure about you- but I've got my date!

Prom (2011)

PG  103 min  -  Comedy | Drama   -  29 April 2011 (USA)

Director: Joe Nussbaum

Writer:Katie Wech

This movie has something for everyone- no matter which stereotype you fit in high school- you see yourself in one or more of the characters.  Prom for most high schoolers is one of the most anticipated events of their school years.  And it's all about who you're going with, what you're wearing, how you're going to get there and all those details that really make the night.

Some of the movie watchers got dressed up and into the spirit of the movie.  This movie would be perfect in most places as it is PROM season most everywhere (except here in Hawaii- we do that during Spring Break and not in our gyms).

We all knew these people in high school who appear in PROM:
  • Nova: the super-achiever, prom planning committee chair and girl who just can't get asked
  • Jesse: the bad boy, uninterested in anything to do with school who just doesn't seem to care
  • Jordan: the popular girl
  • Tyler: Jordan's other half, the jock
  • Justin and Mei: that couple that has been together since middle school- already a given that they are going!
  • Lucas: the wanna-be cool kid, doing what it takes to fit in and get noticed
  • Corey: Lucas' best friend and definite band geek
  • Rolo: dude!
  • Ali: Nova's best friend and girl that keeps tabs on what everyone is doing
  • Simone: Sophomore, talented musician and confused about boys
  • Brandon: the other super-achiever, involved in everything and going places
  • Lloyd: the shy guy
  • Tess: Lloyd's step-sister and his personal cheerleader
  • Kranton: watch out! 
There were some cute ways of the guys asking their dates to Prom, but Lloyd wins for most attempts and keeping them creative!  Jesse just didn't get what the big deal about Prom was, but Nova tries to teach him that no matter who you were the last 4 years of high school, it's the one night that brings them all together.  It's like their lives all finally intersect for this one big event they've been looking forward to.  It hasn't been all ups either- it almost gets canceled when the decorations all get destroyed and they learn a neighboring high school is using almost the same exact theme!

This movie had us reliving the good times and the bad from our proms: picking out dresses and the rest of the ensemble, getting hair and nails done- all dolled up for pictures with our dates, cars breaking down, dates leaving with other people, after-prom parties.

After the movie, we talked about which PROM character we were most like during our high school years:
Jenny- "I was Ali, making sure all my friends had dates and preparations were taken care of, the matchmaker."
Erin- "I most liked Lloyd when he taught not to wait for the right moments to happen but to make them happen."
Megan- Didn't even have to ask- she is Corey, during the movie she was naming off the songs on the soundtrack!
Rach wants to think she's like Nova cause does a great job of looking put-together during the movie, but admits that her high school days she was most like Simone and fell for the smooth talkers even when the good guys were right there.
Rach and girls got dressed up for Premiere- they weren't the only ones!
I was very involved like Nova- class presidency, dance committees- finding a date to the prom was hardest part.  I went through it all- saying "no", finally saying "yes" and going for Junior year then saying yes but bailing out and even asking someone (as it is pretty common here in Hawaii for girls to do) my Senior year.  I still give my husband a hard time cause he never asked me, but he reminded me "how many people really end up with their prom dates?"  So maybe I'll ease up on him.

Which character do you think you were most like in high school?

Overall, I thought this movie was fun, the characters relate-able and situations just cheesy enough to help us laugh at our own Prom experiences.  It was also the type of movie that was funny with some drama and romance to it- a nice mixture.  Also a fun movie for the younger ones who look forward to their proms someday!

“Prom” hits theaters April 29, 2011!  

For more information, visit:

Just to whet your appetite for PROM, here's one of the official trailers now: 

We were not paid for this post although we did attend an advance showing of the movie free of charge.  Any and all opinions here are our own.


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