Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miranda Cosgrove EP High Maintenance: A Review

Miranda Cosgrove is undoubtedly one of my soon-to-be-8-year-old-daughter's favorite actresses. Miranda who? Miranda Cos... I mean Carly, from iCarly of course! I have to admit, even I enjoy the teen star in her Nickelodeon hit show. So, when I heard she had a new CD, I was excited to review it... for my daughter, of course! And, it's a good thing I listened to it before I let my daughter do so.

Cosgrove's new EP High Maintenance features five tracks:
  • Dancing Crazy
  • High Maintenance
  • Face of Love
  • Kiss You Up
  • Sayonara

While I actually enjoy the beats and music in the tracks, some of the lyrics are inappropriate (my own opinion) for my not-even-pre-teen-daughter. I guess I was just expecting a more iCarly-ish kid-friendly vibe, but when I realized that Miranda Cosgrove is actually 17 herself, I understood why the songs are a little more mature.

Overall, the songs are fun, catchy and danceworthy, but I know I wouldn't want my daughter singing along to "So what if I break a few glasses, kick a few a**es" -- lyrics from the title track, High Maintenance. I really liked the song Kiss You Up because it actually features her voice talent without all of the digital enhancements... and it is reminiscent of the crazy in love teenage feelings we've all experienced. *SIGH* However, the last track, Sayonara, while it starts out innocent enough with lyrics like, "Like a ninja out of the dark, I'll steal your heart," later in the song she sings, "Hands all over my body, Work me out like karate." Umm, yeah, I'll have to hold on to this CD for a while before I let my daughter listen to it.... like, maybe on her wedding night!

Good job Carly, uh I mean Miranda, but I'll censor my daughter's music for as long as I can. I would recommend this CD for an older teenage audience, but if your young daughters insist on having it, be wary of some of the lyrics. As for my daughter, I'll have to do the rockin' out myself for now!

High Maintenance is available on Amazon as well as other music outlets online and off.

I was not compensated for this post but I did receive a product sample to facilitate this review.  Any and all opinions here are mine.


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