Friday, April 15, 2011

Review of Pinkalicious: It's Party Time! (for Nintendo DS)

Second Born was completely excited to review the new Pinkalicious game for her Nintendo DS.  So excited that she didn't put her the game down for HOURS.  (We'll just call that research, wink.) I decided to interview Second Born so you get it straight from the horse's kid's mouth how fun Pinklicious: It's Party Time is.  

First, some info about the game:
GameMill Entertainment's Pinkalicious, It's Party Time for Nintendo DS based on the New York Times best-selling book series.In Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time, players are able to interact with the much adored character, Pinkalicious, and explore the pinkeriffic stores of Pinkville. Players are able to choose and customize their own personal avatar in this interactive gameplay, allowing their character to fulfill the task of planning the most pinkerrific parties. Players will get to make the party treats, create their own pink outfit and put together pink party bags for all of their guests. Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time, will keep the player captivated with endless customization and pinkerrific activities. To celebrate the launch of the game, GameMill will offer a Pinkalicious stylus and cleaner bundle limited time offer.

Now my scintillating interview with my 9 yr old daughter (SB for short here):

Me: This is your first time playing a Pinkalicious game on your Nintendo DS.  What is your goal in the game? 

SB: I plan parties.  I make stuff for the parties and I decorate the place that the party will be in. (parental commentary: this kid is creative like this; she gets it from her father)

Me: So you get pick everything?

SB: The game tells me what kind of party to plan and it gives you stuff to make for the party and decorate for the party.  You can make invitations and send them out to people in the Pinkalicous game.  

Me: Are you Pinkalicious in the game?

SB: No, you get to make your own character.

Me: Who or what is your character?

SB: I named mine Celeste but for everyone the game adds a -licious so in the game I'm Celeste-alicious and it says that, too.

Me: Is there anything you don't like about the game? 

SB: No, I like all of it.  It's a good game and my friend who played it with me likes it too.  I like the pink stylus that came with it because its way bigger than my normal stylus and its highlight pink. (parental commentary: I tried to call it shocking pink but she insisted that highlight pink is, indeed, a color.)

So there you have it.  Pinkalicious: It's Party Time gets a thumbs-up rating from the creative female tweens!  As for the mom's opinion of the game, let me just say that I like offering my daughter a creative outlet--one with little or no creative mess. (moms, holla!)

Pinkalicious: It’s Party Time, developed by 1st Playable Productions, and is available now for $29.99 for Nintendo DS™. This game has been rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. To receive more information about Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time, please visit  For more information on Pinkalicious, please visit

I was not compensated for this post although I did receive a product sample to facilitate this review and interview with the product tester.  Any and all opinions here are my own and Celeste-alicious's. 


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