Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Mania!

Do you have Royal Wedding Fever yet?  This is the biggest thing since Lady Di became Princess Di!  And, honestly, a fairy tale royal wedding comes around about as often as Hailey's Comet so it's fun to get trending info from Yahoo about Prince William and Kate Middleton:

Kate Middleton Receives More Searches Than Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Other Celebrities and Politicians This Week, According to Yahoo!

Plus, Watch the Royal Wedding Live on Yahoo!

SUNNYVALE, CA (April 27, 2011) – Americans are eagerly awaiting the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and interest in the future Princess is at an all-time high. According to searches on Yahoo!, “Kate Middleton” is still the top searched royal wedding-related term on Yahoo!. In both the U.S. and the UK, she receives more than double the searches Prince William receives. She is more searched in the U.S. than in the U.K, and she is sparking more interest than President Obama, Donald Trump, David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and other celebrities.  

Another lady sparking Americans’ interest: Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry’s date to the royal wedding. In the U.S. this week, searches for “Chelsy Davy” have surpassed searches for Prince William on Yahoo!.

Additional search trends on Yahoo! this week:
·         In the U.S.  this week Kate Middleton is receiving more searches than:
o   David Beckham
o   Lady Gaga
o   Katie Price
o   Barack Obama
o   Victoria Beckham
o   Angelina Jolie
o   Britney Spears
o   Sarah Palin
o   Donald Trump
·         Prince Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy Davy is buzzing this week, as word that she will accompany the prince to the wedding. Searches for Chelsy are up 3713% this week on Yahoo!.
o   Searches for “Prince Harry Girlfriend “ are up 898% this week
·         Searches for the Royal Wedding Guest List are heating up. People are anxious to know who got the invite. Searches on Yahoo! are up 3107% this week.
o   We are even seeing searches on Yahoo! for “Americans Invited To Royal Wedding”
o   And searches are spiking for “is snoop dog a guest at the royal wedding”
o   Searches are up for “royal wedding seating chart”
·         When, Where and What Time? People are still looking for answers on when, where and what time the royal wedding is.
o   Searches for “Royal Wedding Time” are up 2604% this week on Yahoo!
o   Searches on Yahoo! for “What Time Is The Royal Wedding” are up  1132% this week
·         There continues to be interest in how Kate is preparing her “look” for the big day.
o   Searches for “Kate Middleton Diet” are still of interest this week. Up 1705% on Yahoo!.
o   We also see searches on Yahoo! for her hair style, her hair color, her makeup and her style
o   Searches are spiking for “Prince William bald”
·         Questions - some quirky questions that people want answered:
o   Searches on Yahoo! are off the charts* for “who is Prince Harry’s father”
o   Searches are spiking for:
1.       What Time Is It In London
2.       Who Will Be The Next King Of England
3.       What Will Kate Middleton’s Title Be
4.       When Did Princess Diana Die
o   Searches for “What Is Prince Williams Last Name” are up 1199% this week and “What Is Prince Williams Full Name “ are up 774% on Yahoo!
1.       The big age question:
1.       Searches for “How Old Is Kate Middleton “ are up 672% this week
2.       “How Old Is Prince Harry” are off the charts*
3.       “How Old Is Prince William” are up 224%
4.       “How Old Is Queen Elizabeth” are off the charts*
2.       The big height question:
1.       “How Tall Is Kate Middleton” are off the charts*
2.       “How Tall Is Prince Harry“ are off the charts*
3.       “How Tall Is Prince William” are off the charts*
·         Royal Wedding Party Ideas:
o   Searches are off the charts* for “Royal Wedding party ideas”, searches are off the charts
1.       Searches are spiking for “royal wedding cake recipe “
o   Memorabilia (searches are up 485% this week):
1.       Searches on Yahoo! up for “royal wedding 2011 shirts”
o   Searches for “royal wedding party supplies” are spiking
·         Wedding Dress:
o   Searches for the “Royal Wedding dress” are up 999% this week
o   Dresses of the past are spiking including searches for Queen Victoria’s wedding dress, Princess Diana wedding dress

Watch the wedding live at and check out the British Monarchy’s Official Flickr stream for behind-the-scenes photos of the wedding preparations:

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Should be fun to watch! 

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  1. I am not head over heels for the wedding, but it is nice to have a happy event in the news instead of all the bad.


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