Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Swell Skin: A Review (for Mother's Day)

Swell Skin Care is... well, pretty doggone SWELL! I was intrigued with the claims of this miraculous healing berry that is used in the facial soap and oil - Seabuckthorn - and wanted to see if it really did what it said it could. While I don't have really bad acne, I am no stranger to minor breakouts or the occasional, uh maybe frequent, ginormous pimple... especially when it's that time of the month. Lucky for me, I started using the Swell Face treatment a few days before that lovely time of the month, which was almost two weeks ago. My face is happy. No, really, it is. It feels good, but more importantly it looks good... thanks to the soap bar and amazing Oil of Seabuckthorn. Okay, so I usually get at least one honker around that time of the month in the most conspicuous place possible (think tip of my nose or smack dab in the middle of my forehead). This month, the pimplesaur was on my left cheek and was one of those under-the-skin-painful-bump-pimples... anyone feeling me here? Anyway, I was a little dubious that the seabuckthorn oil could make my blemishes magically disappear, but alas, it did. You won't believe it until you try it yourself. I am surprised that I hadn't heard of this extreme goodness before...
The REALLY cool thing about SWELL Skin Care is that it's just a two-step skin care regimen. Just two steps for awesome looking and feeling skin? That, in itself, makes this stuff worth a try... and then when you see the results you'll see it was more than worth it. And, it's not just for pimples, it's for all-around wonderful-looking skin, so use it for rashes, fine lines, and whatever other blemishes you might have. And let's face it, as crazy busy moms, we're prone
to a blemish or two every other hour, er, day. This will make a fabulous Mother's Day gift... if not for your own mother, for yourself, because you need to be spoiled, too!

You can buy the facial bar for $32 and the Swell Oil of Seabuckthorn for $22, if you buy them separately, OR you can save some money and purchase both - the Swell Union - for just $49. Okay, you might be thinking, "JUST $49?" but when you see what these products can do, you'll be saying the same thing. I will definitely be purchasing the Swell Union once I run out of my supply. Check out the SWELL website to find out more about (and buy) these Swellicious products!

 I was not compensated to write this post although I did receive some products to facilitate my review here.  Any and all opinions are mine.

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  1. Ugh I also get the once a month pimples, and they are such a pain!
    This looks like a simple and fast remedy!


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