Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did You know: Some Online Easter Trends

The folks at Yahoo! sent me these fun facts about trending topics connected to Easter (which is this coming Sunday, FYI--no need to search for the date if you're reading this). 

Easter is just around the corner and consumers are still trying to figure out “What day is Easter” spiking at 36% this week on Yahoo! As this holiday symbolizes many things we are using it as an excuse to celebrate our favorite spring and Easter candies; teenage girls love jellybeans with searches off the charts with 91% from females and according to Yahoo! searches for “Easter cakes” are spiking 181% this week.
happy easter ... 120365
Here are some other trending items around Easter…

·         It seems some folks associate Easter with sweets. In addition to “easter egg hunts” (up 342% this week), searches for “easter cakes” are spiking 181% this week on Yahoo!
o   Searches for “easter candy are up 100% this week
o   “Easter cupcakes” searches are up 50%
·         Easter always falls on a Sunday, but searches for “What day is easter” are spiking 36% this week on Yahoo!
·         Searches for the “easter bunny” have been spiking since the first week of February. According to Yahoo!, there are 5.18 times more searches for “Easter bunny” from girls under 13 than from boys the same age range.
·         Searches for “what is Passover” are spiking 382% this week on Yahoo! and 61% of searches are by women.
·         Searches spiking off the charts this week on Yahoo! for “when is Passover”
·         “Passover recipes” searches are up 85% this week on Yahoo!

Jelly Beans
·         Teenager Girls love Jelly Beans: Searches for Jelly Beans are off the charts on Yahoo! in the past month
o   91% of searches for jelly beans come from females
o   53% from those under 13
o   25% from those 35-44
·         Jelly Bean related searches we see on Yahoo!:
o   Sugar free jelly beans
o   Jelly belly jelly beans
o   Starburst jelly beans
o   Harry potter jelly beans
o   Jelly bean factory
o   Groumet jelly beans
o   Black jelly beans
o   One galloon jelly beans
o   Jelly bean crafts
o   Smuckers jelly beans
o   Jelly bean trivia
o   Jelly bean pictures to color
o   Jelly bean prayer
o   Brach’s jelly beans

·         63% of searches for peeps come from females – Missouri searches the most for Peeps in the past month
·         Searches for Chicago Tribune Peeps voting are spiking
·         Peeps sunflower cake is spiking this week on Yahoo!
·         Peep craft ideas are spiking on Yahoo!
·         Peeps coupons are spiking on Yahoo!
·         Peeps recipes are spiking on Yahoo!
·         People even search for “what can I do with peeps”

And there you go! More than you ever wanted to know about Easter-related online searches.  All that info about Peeps sent me over the edge.  I may just have to get me some . . . 


  1. Oh yeah!
    I knew I made Easter Cupcakes for a reason!!

  2. Very interesting! Although we do teach our kiddos the true meaning of Easter, we are also guilty of doing the egg hunts, baskets, and goodies. :)

  3. Very interesting!! I think chocolate when I think of Easter.

  4. I definitely think of the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Hunts when I think of Easter.
    I am amazed the amount of people that don't know when Easter is.. I swear at least 5 people said to me this week "What do you mean it's almost Easter". DUH!! I'm the one who cooks so they just need the reminder the day before .. lol

  5. AHHH that is great. Happy Easter. So lesson learned this Easter is BUY PEEPS EARLY. THEY SELL OUT EVERYWHERE. It was so funny to see all the people just like me looking for Peeps last minute. Never do that again. LOL Have a wonderful week.


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