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Valentine's Day at Moana Saves

I asked the wahine of Moana Saves to share some of their favorite memories/thoughts/traditions of Valentine's Day and here's what they said:

Jayne: Ever since our first Valentines Day as a couple my husband and I have written notes to each other. Our tradition of note writing is a little different because we don't read each other's notes until the following year.  The highlight of every Valentines Day for me is when I can sit down with my man in the peaceful hours of the night when the kids have gone to bed to read his lengthy note and he reads mine. (Yes, he can fill an entire page with mushy words of emotion and appreciation. Awww!)  Over the years our collection of notes has grown and it's fun to look back and read the notes that were written during our poor graduate school years or the year of the birth of each child. Years ago I remember looking through a binder of love notes between my husband's grandma and grandpa and thinking how some day my children and my children's children will be able to read my collection of notes and be reminded of the devotion through good times and bad that my husband and I have for each other.

Kristen: The most thoughtful one was last year when Valentines Day lasted 3 days! Day one was flowers. Day two was my favorite dark chocolate. Day 3 was a 16 x20 collage of family pictures that Mark Lee had taken for us. He really put a lot of thought into each thing, and it was awesome. He didn't grow up celebrating Valentines Day in Tonga, so it really meant a lot that he did so much!

Linds: Growing up we had a special Valentine's treat waiting for us in the morning for us girls- my favorite was the conversation hearts.  My parents would also write us a note of appreciation and let us know why we were special to them. 

In my dating years, it never seemed that relationships would be going during Valentine's day but my best friend and I had broken our ankles in separate accidents the week before V-day, or "single awareness day" in our case, but her mom drove in to take care of us and we got to go stay in a hotel with her.  We got room service, chocolates, flowers- just the pick-me-up we needed to heal faster.  We were back to our crazy antics soon after. 

Valentine's day in my married years hasn't been very significant- we celebrate other anniversaries (first time we said "I love you", engagement, how many months we've been married) but we do like to go try somewhere new around Valentine's day- not ON Valentine's day cause that is just madness.  He does know I like one thing on Valentine's day- the Dove chocolate roses. 

Lisa: We used to have suprise candelight dinners before the kids came along LOL. I think I used to heart attack something like the front door or something and write something cheesy on each heart. Of course, I would buy him his ferero rocher.  The most meaningful gift to me is always a card with a hand-written message that is sincere
For the kids, we usually just got goodies/treats ready for all their friends BUT this year, I will be starting a new Valentines breakfast tradition (that I'm copying from a friend).  Since usually we just do oatmeal or cold cereal for breakfast, we will do a treat with heart-shaped waffles (got a heart waffle maker for like $2 at a garage sale) with all the toppings, fruit, cool whip, other sweet stuff.  This is in response to Miya asking if we could have a Valentines party at home.  I will probably let kids heart attack our house this weekend.

Liz: Valentine's Day 2002-- I had a tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend and we were madly in love. I was on the phone with him (because he lived in Seattle at the time) all day. It was our first Valentine's Day (our second one was celebrated as husband and wife). But what made this particular Valentine's Day special is that my little niece was born! I still remember falling madly in love with her too without even seeing her yet. Knowing what it was like to have new additions to the family, my boyfriend (husband) was almost as thrilled as I was. I do get really wonderful cards and notes and gifts from the sweetie, (Babyface concert this 2/14!!), but I have to say that when my husband and I think of Feb. 14th, we think of what we're going to get for our niece's birthday (this year is the first that we're giving her cash. . . yeah, we've turned into one of those lazy shoppers! ha!). 

Mary: Growing up, my dad would always give us a valentine that really made us feel special because he would tell us how much he loved us and what he appreciated about us, individually.  I could really feel the love and try to do the same with my kids.  I am a freak for homemade valentine's (because I'm all about the LOVE you put into it ;) so my kids and I have lots of fun creating one-of-a-kind valentine's for teachers, grandparents, each other, etc. We also deck the house out with hearts galore in every room, on every wall -- some with funny conversation heart sayings.  The thing I look forward to most on V-day is the sentimental letter/card from my husband.  Not only because he tells me how perfect (yes, my own interpretation) I am, but also because it's nice to read a mushy, precious, tear-jerking love letter once a year!  

Rachel: When I was a youngun in Jr. high or even high school, boy crazy & a hopeless was often that Valentines Day was a day of anticipation & dismay. But this year as I came home from school a little disappointed in the outcome of this "single awareness" day, I found 2 vases. One vase filled with 4 carnations & the other vase with roses. I knew instantly that the other vase was for MOM & that the carnations were for me & my 3 sisters. I grabbed my carnation & of course a small box of Red Hots (my favorite Valentine Treat) & gave my dad a hug. As always he said; "Love you Pooh Bear!" He was my Valentine for that year.

Anna: I saved mine for last because I've really enjoyed reading about my friends' Valentine's day traditions and memories!  We used to have the traditional "I love you" celebrations for Valentine's Day.  In particular, I remember being surprised by the hub early in our marriage when he whisked me off to a Sting concert.  It was great fun--both the surprise and the concert!

But (both sadly and gladly) our Valentine's Day traditions were forever transformed on February 14th in 2002 when I went for an OB appointment and my doctor cheerfully exclaimed that "today is a good day to have a baby!"  I was already at the crying-every-day stage even though my due date was two weeks away so I was all in.  She arrived that evening around 8pm and her name, in part, is because she was born on Feb. 14th (no, her name is NOT Valentina!).  Ever since then, Valentine's Day is a birthday in our family.  Yes, we don't emphasize romantic love on this day as much as we used to--we instead choose to celebrate family love and throw hearts-themed birthday parties for Second Born (yeah and this year it was a verah, verah long hearts-themed slumber party with the 8 yr old set).  It will probably be this way until she's old enough to live on her own but that's okay.  We're happy this way. 


We would love it if you leave a comment telling us about your favorite Valentine's Day tradition or memory . . . . 


  1. My husband has given me 2 dozen roses since 1980. One Valentine Day I received my roses at work. A co-worker told me my husband was crazy for spending that kind of money for flowers that were to die. She thought it was a waste. I went home (flowers in hand) with a sad face and told my husband not to spend that on me, it was a waste. I told him the story. His response, how did you feel when you got those roses at work? I said happy and special. That's why I buy them, because you are special. That's all that matters.
    We've been together for 31 years.

  2. awwww! that's the nicest thing i've heard all day! enjoy your roses, lori, and we're on for tomorrow night~!


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