Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review of Country Life Zinc Lozenges at

Did you know that Zinc is an essential mineral in your daily health? And did you also know that Zinc Deficiency affects about two billion people in the developing world and is associated with many diseases? Well I actually did not. I assume because I take a daily multi-vitamin that I am getting everything I need. Well sent me:

ZINC LOZENGES with Vitamin C
Dietary Supplement
Helps support immune function.**

When I found out that my multi was only giving me 60% of what I needed in Zinc, I was glad to add the ZINC LOZENGES to my vitamin routine. I let the lozenge dissolve in my mouth and the cherry flavor (although not my favorite) was not bad-- it went well with my chewable vitamin C (which after inspecting the label I didn't need to take because the zinc lozenge was packed full with it! 167% RDA!).

You can BUY IT at Their site was very easy to navigate; great pictures of all kinds of natural health supplies, simple, detailed descriptions, a rating system and reviews of products when available. You can find the zinc lozenges in a bottle of 60 for under $5--what a great price!

I did not receive any compensation for my review of Swanson Vitamins Zinc Lozenges although I was given a bottle of 60 lozenges to facilitate this review. Any and all opinions here are my own.


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