Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Motherlove Breastmilk Supplements: A Review

I wish I were a superhero.
Specifically “Cowman” Otis (from “Back at the Barnyard”), except maybe minus the cow part.  All he had to do was shout “Super-Lacto powers, LACTIVATE!” and out would come a generous flow of milk, which he could use as he saw fit, you know, to put out a fire or whatever. (I know, a male cow with udders? Really?)

When you’ve just had a baby, are a million hours behind in sleep and you don’t know what day it is, you find these things hilarious.  Anyway, being that I am NOT a superhero (or a cow for that matter), and my milk doesn’t come in with a simple command to lactate, this time around, I’m taking supplements.  Motherlove Breastmilk Supplements to be exact.
I always get to a point after my milk comes in when it starts to wane.  I’m chasing 5 kids, and many times I’m too tired or too stressed and my milk decreases. In order to keep my milk flow, I have to eat like a horse (or a cow... as it would seem).  I also hate taking anything while I am pregnant or nursing because I know that whatever I eat or take, goes into my breastmilk.  However, Motherlove Supplements are 100% vegetarian, all organic herbal supplements that I feel comfortable taking.
I was recommended and sent More Milk Plus to try, and I have been very pleased with the results. I take one capsule up to 4 times a day, and it really has helped my milk stay in strong. More Milk Plus contains fenugreek seed, blessed thistle, nettle, and fennel seed, all known to help with the production of breastmilk.
Motherlove has over 10 different organic herbal supplement formulas to meet the needs of all kinds of nursing moms.
I am also very impressed with the fact that they work incredibly hard to be sure that each bottle they manufacture can be tracked, and that all of the ingredients inside are certified organic, tested for bacteria, and all herbs are checked for color, smell, and strength before they are approved for use. All product package and office materials are made from recycled materials.
Over 10% of all Motherlove profits are donated to organizations like The Maternal Wellness Center, Realities for Children, and The Mountain Park Environmental Center. They are also certified by unbiased third party organizations such as USDA, OTCO, Kof-K (certified Kosher), PETA (cruelty-free), among others.  Their goal is to be a better business example in being green, and they are filling the role well!
To purchase Motherlove products, including breastmilk supplements, oils, salves, sitz baths, nipple cream, etc. go HERE.
*I was not paid to write this review, but I was given a bottle of Motherlove More Milk Plus supplements so I could take them and be all that much closer to being a nursing superhero.

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  1. I will recommend these to my son's SO. Since having my grandson she is so tired. Hopefully they will help. Great review!


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