Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LillyMae Bag Review

lilliemay logoRemember the fanny pack?  Those went the way of the parachute pants (I bid good riddance to both!).  But there has always been a need for a small, hands-free bag to keep your important stuff in while you shop, work out or travel.  Hooray for the Lillymae bag which combines the utility of the fanny pack with the style of a regular  purse!lillybag2I was lucky enough to review the Lillymae bag in basic black (see below).  I’d ordered this style so that I could wear it when I walk outside.  I love that every bag has a reinforced hole in one corner to thread headphones through so you can listen to music on the go.   I also love the versatility of the strap which allows me to control its length and convert the bag to a fanny pack or cross body bag.
lillybag3I was able to test my basic black Lillymae bag when I went with my 3rd grader to camp for two and a half days (some of the longest of my life—yet another story).  I left my big old honkin’ bag at home, packing only my driver’s license, debit card, phone and lip balm in my Lillymae.  Everything else went into the dufflebags we kept in the cabins.  I had my Lillymae bag with me all day as I accompanied 3rd graders to meals, activities, etc.  Other chaperones were carting around backpacks and totebags.  Not me: I wore the bag across the body so my hands were always free.  I loved it!  About halfway through camp, my daughter’s asthma flared up and so her inhaler was another item that stayed with us throughout the day in the bag.  The Lillymae bag can really simplify your life when you’re on the go!lillybag1
My only suggestion for improvement of the Lillymae bag is that the fabric could be water resistant to protect valuables from getting wet.  Otherwise, the Lillymae rocks!  At the Lillymae site, there are some adorable bags and some innovative possibilities for wearing them!  Right now, when you use the coupon code 15001, you can get 15% off the Lillymae bag of your choice.  Because of their versatility and style, Lillymae bags are practical AND cute.  A win-win!
I did not receive compensation for this post although I did receive a free sample to facilitate my review via Family Review Network.  Any and all opinions here are my own.


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