Monday, February 14, 2011

Our First Moana Saves Baby!

Ma'uMO Okay, he's not a Moana Saves baby--more like a Kristen and Will baby.  Ma'umo'ale Jeffrey was born on Friday, February 4th.  He was 7.5 lb. and 19.5" long--no doubt he is growing and changing fast.  He was welcomed by his loving parents, two sisters and two brothers, as well as tons and tons of family and friends.  Is he seriously not adorable?  (rhetorical question; you know he is!)
Welcome to the world, Baby Mo!


  1. aww what a cutie!

  2. Thanks for posting a picture Anna, I have been so excited to see pictures, but I don't want to bug Kristen too much. He is adorable.


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