Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pambra's Nursing Pads: A Review

Nursing a baby is the one time in my life where my very small B size cups graduate up to full D’s.
It’s a proud moment…
Until I look down and realize that they are highlighted by patches of breast milk that has haphazardly escaped and formed big round splotches on the front of my shirt.  All it takes is a baby crying in the grocery store from 6 aisles over, and BAM.  Then I wish they would shrink down to size A’s, and I could run and hide.

Enter: nursing pads. A necessity for most any nursing mom, and there are so, so many choices.  I have used reusable nursing pads before, but none like Pambra’s.  Pambra’s Reusable Nursing Pads are made of cotton and are a full 6” in diameter. They are comfortable, don’t have lint that sometimes can cause the pad to stick to tender breasts, and because of the size, they don’t move around! (Hallelujah!)

As with any liner, I suggest wearing them with a shaped bra like THIS ONE, and if your milk flow is like mine this time around (thanks to THESE), you may need to double them up.
Pambra's reusable nursing pads are great! I love that they are green (you aren’t producing any waste), and you don’t have to fumble with packaging to get a clean one. You simply throw them in the wash with your next load of laundry, and they are small enough; it’s not going to change the amount of water and soap you use. Talk about saving in more ways than one!
Pambra's is also a proud sponsor of Susan G. Komen for the Cure/Ozark, and with every purchase, they give back.  Pambra’s Nursing Pads are sold in sets of 5 and can be found HERE.

*I was not paid to write this review, but was provided with Pambra’s Nursing Pads to try so I could review them and save you from the afore mentioned scenario in the grocery store.


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