Monday, February 7, 2011

Bag Ups: Biodegradable trash bags

My house has gone through a trash can makeover!  I normally use bulk brand bags- nothing fancy- but the price is right.  We take out about a bag a day, sometimes more with company and clean-up/recycling days.
I just tie up the draw string and take them out. Hadn't really thought about the process it goes through after that point.  I'm the one that mostly takes care of the trash situation in our house.  But sometimes I make my 8-year-old change the bags because I'm just sick of doing it and it never gets done right away since my trash can and the space where I keep the bags are at different ends of the room.

I came across a great product called Bag-Ups- these bags are much better for the environment and only take 2 years to decompose, instead of the 2000 years that my other bags do.  These are also a drop-in system, so the next bag comes up and tears off of the one you are taking out after it's full- very convenient as well!  Now I only had to change the box every 23rd time!

I was able to fill up just as much in them and then tie them shut.  These are something any family could use while still saving time and the environment.

The benefits of undergoing a “Trash Can Makeover” include:
  • Going GREEN! BagUps biodegrade over 2 years, as opposed to the industry standard 2,000!
  • You're supporting Veterans and persons with disabilities, since they are assembling this product for us.
  • You are buying AMERICAN! (Let's face it, this isn't exactly easy to do anymore!)
  • Never having to reach down into the can EVER AGAIN! The unique BagUps system ensures that you never have to bend down into the trash can again since the next bag is always attached! Additionally, the time savings of never having to go to a storage closet to get a new bag really adds up!

    Learn more about Bag-Ups on their website, Facebook or Twitter page- where you can even ask your own questions about this innovative product!

    I was provided with a box of BagUps for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Very interesting. I didn't know you could make a bag biodegradable.


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