Monday, May 2, 2011

Punflay iPad Apps (A Review of Rafter and Puzzle Mania)


My daughter had so much fun helping me with a Punflay iPhone math game review last January that we jumped at the opportunity to review again. This time we're reviewing some iPad game applications. (My kids LOVE more time on mom & dad's electronics!) Punflay has a wide selection of children's educational games from learning numbers and ABCs to a virtual dissection of a frog. (How cool is that!) Our games of choice were Rafter and Puzzle Mania.

Rafter was originally created for the iPhone. Due to it's popularity (it was featured on "What We Are Playing" and "New and Noteworthy" in the App Store) Punflay created an iPad version. This game appeals to a wide age audience with its challenging hundred-and-one levels of progressive puzzle difficulty. The player is tested by drawing blocks or balls (square, rectangle, long, short, thin, thick, small, large) and launching them at little red mines. My child's favorite? The balls BOUNCE! Creating them and watching as they slowly bounced their way to the red mine was so much fun and challenging for her. Here's a preview of the fun: 

Puzzle Mania is not just a child's puzzle game but it's fun for the whole family! Included in Puzzle Mania are 4 puzzle games for the price of one. 
  • Leaf Hopper (50 engaging levels of a math based puzzle with a unique solution)
  • Dragon Key (Open 50 Doors and 100’s of locks to complete this tricky task)
  • Beetle-Date (50 levels of this grid based puzzle will really get on your nerves)
  • Muscle it (25 levels of this ding puzzle is a treat for young ones)
My eldest child's favorite game was Muscle It. She loved trying to get the muscle through the obstacle course to the clam. Her second favorite? The crazy dating beetles! Select one beetle to move up and that other dog-gone beetle goes the opposite direction! It was a laugh-filled brain-teaser for the whole family. Here's the preview video:

I highly recommend these games for any person at ANY age. I spent a sleepless night of frustration as I tried to pass my husband's record in many of these puzzle games.

BUY: You can preview and purchase Punflay's games and educational apps at their website or the iTunes app store.

I was not compensated for this review although I did receive a free download of the app to facilitate the review. Any and all opinions here are mine.


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