Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feeling Campy? (A Review)

Summer! My kids are counting the days until school gets out. Do you have big summer plans? Are your kids going to summer camp? Some of my favorite and least favorite childhood memories are of summer camp. What made camp great for me was the daytime activities, the campfire songs and the cute crafts. On the other hand camp can be lonely and the bugs...the bugs can be miserable!  Bravery in a Bottle has a great solution for both of these camping blues. Their "Feeling Campy" aromatherapy spray with essential oils creates an actual soothing effect and a natural bug repellent. This bug away blend includes the following ingredients:
cedar wood
litsea cubea
tea tree
These essential oils have so many benefits. Antidepressant, fungicidal, insect repellent, heals insect bites & stings, treats headaches, etc. The best part? It's natural! No more spraying harmful chemicals on your kids. Just the thought of my kids spraying Deet on their sensitive skin night after night at camp makes me cringe. (As a side note, I'm so happy to spray this on my toddler because who knows when her little deet covered hands might make it in to her mouth. Yay!) 

My kids use "Feeling Campy" every evening when they venture out to play. An added bonus (besides no bug bites) is that as my children repetitively use this spray they subconsciously associate the spray with home and pleasant feelings. This way I can pack "Feeling Campy" with my kids once they're old enough for over-night school camp-outs and they will have a scented remedy to homesickness that actually has therapeutic benefits to combat fear and anxiety. I was especially curious whether about the smell of this spray and if it would smell too 'woodsy'. The verdict? It does have a fresh outdoorsy smell but it's light and my kids like it.

As Bravery in a Bottle says: "The best way to solve childhood fears is to give children the feeling of control and power over what is frightening to them." I love this idea of a 100% natural essential oil spray that is multi-functional and empowering for my children. I reviewed the Monster Vapor in March but Bravery in a Bottle also sells Courage Concoction (a well-being blend for those days with big fears like tests or competitions) and Storm Squashers (clarity blend for overcoming those nights with thunderous spring showers). Head on over to their site to purchase your own bottle of a perfectly "scent-sational" solution to some of your child's biggest fears.

I was not compensated for this post although I did receive free product to facilitate my review.  Any and all opinions here are mine.


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