Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Bedding Zone, A Review

When having a baby, bedding for the wee one always seems to be the last thing on my mind…until I need it!
With my first, my mom called me when I was 7 months pregnant and asked me if I had a crib and bedding set already picked out.
It surprised her to hear me say that I would worry about it when the baby came, because really, the baby needs a place to sleep as soon as you get him home!
(I was naïve.) Anyway, now that I have more kids, I’ve learned the importance of being prepared.
And it appears that Baby Bedding Zone is here to help! I’m impressed with their website which boasts a clean design as well as user friendly categories and pictures to help you find exactly what you are looking for.
Baby Bedding Zone has stock of over two-dozen designers including JoJo, Trend Lab, and Cotton Tale Designs.
You can search for bedding by gender, brand, pattern, color, or make of fabric! They have TONS to choose from including solids, modern prints, vintage (woo hoo!), and themed fabrics.
They offer crib sets with anywhere from 4-11 pieces each, as well as separate crib sheets, toddler bedding and blankets, and kids bedding in twin and queen sizes. It’s a pretty impressive collection!

Seeing as I just had a sweet little baby boy, I’m into searching the baby boy bedding collections. These sets of airplane crib bedding are adorable, and would definitely be keepsakes. Other favorites are this one, and this one… there are so many it’s hard to choose!
Baby Bedding Zone was founded by Laura Abro, who is also a full time mom to two kids. (So she knows what she’s talking about!)
And all of the bedding is high quality and slashed in price by quite a bit, so you’re really getting a bargain.
Baby Bedding Zone is a secure site, and they offer free shipping on orders over $99, a 110% price match guarantee, and a 365-day return policy.  
I wish I knew about Baby Bedding Zone when I had my first!

*This is a sponsored post. Any and all opinions here are mine.


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