Friday, January 28, 2011

Reviewing the Reader #1

As in what have I read in Google Reader recently?  When I'm stuck somewhere with time to kill, I open Google Reader on my Evo and devour blogs.  I subscribe to a wide variety--from frugal living/budgeting hacks to up-close-and-personal peeps I know.  Here are some great blog posts in no particular order:

Pesto Minestrone Soup Slow Cooker Recipe
If loving this recipe is wrong, I don't wanna be right.  Just the ingredients list is enough to get my mouth watering.  We'll be making this soon at my house.

10 Things that will cost less in 2011
I love prediction articles like this.  And I only believe about half of these items will drop that low.

Learning the Frugal Ropes from Mom
I love that these girls completely researched a trip to the American Girls Place and gave the whole thing a tightwad makeover.  And then I loved that their moms followed through with their kids' thoughtful planning and took them on that trip.  Frugal warm fuzzies for everyone!

Things You Never Say to a Working Mom
Not sure which I love more about this article--the way the blogger teases out the complexity of the problem or the healthy dose of snark she heaps out with it.  I'm not the only one (180 comments!).

DIY Paper Management System Keeps the Kitchen Clutter-Free
I'm *this* close to showing my husband this post so we can analyze and execute.  And have more counter space.

What interesting blogs do you subscribe to?  Any great blog entries?  Leave a comment and talk up what's in your reader!


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