Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mathomatix: Alzebra by Punflay - an iPhone app Review

"Can I play a game on your phone? Can I play a game on your phone?" This is what I hear the moment I wake up, the second I come home from work, all day every day. Sometimes this question is hard for me to answer because I want to play a game on my phone myself, LOL... but recently, I was anxious for my kindergartener and preschooler to ask so they could try out the new Mathomatix: Alzebra app by Punflay.  

The app is "designed to teach basic functional algebra to kindergarteners and is based on National and California Standards." After reading this description I was asking, "You wanna play a game on my phone? You wanna play a game on my phone?" Both kids enjoy the Alzebra app with its fun animations and characters and great graphics. And both kids have no idea they are learning the basics of algebra -- it's a win-win situation here. Alzebra helps with identifying, classifying and sorting skills, patterns, sequences, hand-eye-coordination and more. Plus, there are five games in one, all for just .99 cents! You can purchase this app through iTunes or if you don't have iTunes you can download it here. Alzebra is a great app to keep your child entertained (and smart)!
I was not compensated for this review although I did receive a free download of the app to facilitate the review. Any and all opinions here are mine.


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