Monday, January 31, 2011

Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes: A Review

My introduction to Dapple® Toy Cleaner Wipes could not have been more timely. My 13-month old is teething, so just about everything in sight is a chew toy, no matter its monetary value (my iPhone) or significance (my favorite blouse... while I'm wearing it, so my shoulder for that matter, too). She has also discovered her amazing ability to throw... it seems this ability is much more pronounced when we are in dirty, germ-infested places. She likes to chew on her toys, chuck them on the floor, then stick them right back into her mouth.... yuck! When we are someplace without a sink and soap handy, I will try to hide the slobber-covered toy after it falls on the ground, which can cause quite the meltdown. But now, I can save myself (and all the innocent bystanders) a lot of grief and tears (wait, that was for my baby), thanks to Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes. These wipes "feature green technology and harness the power of natural ingredients such as baking soda to keep your home and environment a healthy clean." Not only are these wipes part of Dapple's innovative line of natural and organic baby products, they are also biodegradable, Phtalate-free, paraben-free and SLES- & dye-free. I don't have to worry about spraying my baby's high chair, toys, or anything else she touches with harsh chemicals anymore to get it clean. I can just wipe 'em all down with the Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes because they're made with natural cleaners so I'm assured that my baby is putting sanitary (foreign) objects in her mouth! I'm definitely going to need more than just this travel size set of wipes!

You can buy a whole case of Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes here, or purchase smaller quantities at,,, and

I was not compensated for this post although I did receive a free product sample to facilitate this review.  Any and all opinions here are mine.


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