Monday, January 24, 2011

Review of Roots Only, a Hair Color Applicator

roots only logo I have to admit, I was completely excited when I knew a Roots Only applicator was on its way to me.  But the closer I got to actually having to use it, the more nervous I got.  I'd been getting my hair colored in a salon for the last four years and prior to that I'd been doing it at home (but not doing it very well).  Although using the Roots Only applicator would help me cut corners in our budget, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to to distribute the color evenly at the roots which would have me crawling back to my hairdressing to admit that I'd cheated on her.  Enter my mom who has been coloring her hair, well, longer than I have and who dropped into town to attend a funeral (who does that? yes, only my mother. and sometimes my father.).  Her roots were showing and so she happily agreed to be my Roots Only model.


The applicator with the hollow teeth in its comb allows you to put the color exactly where you want it--at the roots.  I kept my mom company as she used the Roots Only applicator with her hair color.  She was able to apply the color on her own except for one area at the back on the left side and it only took me a minute to apply the color for her.  Because of the applicator, there was little or no mess at the bathroom sink or on the floor.

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Here is a photo of Mom on her way out the door with lovely hair and also an up-close-and-personal pic of her roots.  We were both excited that it was so easy to use the Roots Only applicator and that the results were so great.  Here are some more reasons to use a Roots Only applicator when coloring your hair:

  • less damage to your hair overall because you’re targeting your roots
  • the applicator will work on all different kinds of hair
  • the applicator is reusable so it pays for itself and does not promote waste
  • Roots Only is a woman owned business where all stages of manufacturing and distribution take place in the U.S.

To buy your own Roots Only hair color applicator, go here or you can buy it at your favorite online retailer like Amazon.

I did not receive compensation for this review nor did my mom.  I did receive a free product sample to facilitate this review.  Any and all opinions here are my own. Mahalo nui to my mom for helping me test the product!


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