Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Cranky Cat Studio Tutu Review

"You can dance,  you can jive,  having the time of your life
Ooo,  see that girl, watch that scene,  diggin' the dancing queen"
(lyrics from Abba's Dancing Queen song)

My baby girl is the 'dancing queen' of our home. In fact most days (or nights!) she refuses to wear normal clothes and insists on eating, playing or sleeping in her dress-ups. This is where Cranky Cat comes into play.


I recently received a pair of tutu overalls from the Cranky Cat Studios Etsy store where homemade baby blankets, bibs, burp clothes, hair clips and more are sold.  The tutu we received is made of over 50 yards of tulle fastened to the waist of a pair of recycled overalls (pant legs and base of the overalls are removed). I was able to select the size of overalls to fit my daughter as well as the color of tulle. We chose a fun tropical combination of fuschia pink and pale yellow. (I was told that Miss. Cranky Cat herself takes color requests with your order.)

Some of the qualities that I like about this unique idea of attaching a tutu to a pair of overalls include the ability to actually HANG this up! My older daughter had a tutu years ago that she didn't wear often because it was always in a tangled mess from being stuffed in the bottom of the dressup trunk. Often when she did feel like twirling in a tutu she could never get all of the tulle facing the correct direction. In comparison, the tulle of this tutu stays nice and flat without twisting and the overall straps are ready-made for a hanger.

The second feature that I love about this product is that it's an actual outfit! Now when my daughter insists on wearing her tropical tutu to the store I'll feel a little better because she's wearing clothes and not a random dress-up with a mix-matched top.

You can purchase your own tutu HERE and as I mentioned Cranky Cat also sells other homemade items including this cute butterfly hair clip which was a favorite of my pre-teen daughter.

Check back the first week of February as Moana Saves participates in a "Handmade with Love Blog Hop" where we'll be spotlighting fun handmade gifts for the ones you love. Included in the handmade fun will be Cranky Cat who has generously offered to give away more handmade items including a tutu for your own little dancing queen!

I was not compensated for this post although I did receive a sample of the product to facilitate the review.  Any and all opinions here are mine.


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