Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Moana Saves RAVE: Brilliant Lenses Cleaning Kit

Once in a while we come across a product that deserves another shout out. Thus, a Moana Saves RAVE.  As in, not just good, or great, but we really do want to rave about you!  And, this time, it’s Brilliant Lenses.
Like the last Rave I did, I'm choosing to highlight a product I reviewed on the blog and that we still continue to use on a regular basis.  The Brilliant Lenses Cleaning Kit is alcohol and ammonia free.  The spray cleans my cell phone touchscreen and Second Born's glasses so well that we get a little giddy about the clean.  We even took the kit in its pouch with us on our Christmas trip so we could stay squeaky (clean) on the road.  The website points out that Brilliant Lenses creates an "invisible durable barrier that resists scratches, soiling and water spots."  While I can't swear by this statement, I do know that Second Born's glasses and my phone's touchscreen are scratch/soil/waterspot free and we'll keep using Brilliant Lenses to keep things that way.


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