Friday, December 10, 2010

Review of Skin Peel TCA 10%

First off, I love this product. My skin is clear, tight, and even the little clogged pores on my nose are gone. Where has this product been all my life? Oh, I know! Hiding on the internet, is where!

I don't know that I was too enthusiastic about trying a skin peel at first though. Visions of my scabby-faced waxer danced through my head as I opened the package and decided to take a risk. Is it bad to reference a waxer here? Would it help you to know that she was talented and had a month long wait list? I had an appointment with her the day after her first skin peel and she was burned (and spurned!). My next appointment though proved that the pain was worth it to save her (proverbial) skin. She was glowing.

So I went to work applying the TCA Acid Peel 10%. And also got some questions answered. Some that you might be asking yourself as you contemplate the factors that I did when thinking about ways to look fresh, clean, and naturally GORGEOUS with this particular type of product.

Question: Does Skin Peel test on animals?
Answer: NO. No, it does not. YAY!!

Question: What of the chemicals?
Answer: Good question (if I do say so myself)! All I know is that the products are Paraben-free. Which may or may not be an issue for some folks. And for the most part, it's not so much of an issue for me. But for a skin-peel which is designed to penetrate pores, this added fact reassured me of the safety of this product.

Question: Does it sting? Like acidie, burnie, owie, and any other "ie" word that would show up as a spell check error?
Answer: TCA Acid Peel 10% does not sting me. I've used it several times and have kept it on a tad bit longer each time. I have not felt any uncomfortable sensations. Part of the skin peel process is to spritz their Neutralizer Solution Spray all over your face before rinsing the peel off. This may prevent the stinging, I don't know. I do know that this whole process takes under 5 minutes (actually, I think I'm up to 6 minutes now) and it was painless.

Question: Does SkinPeel require you to buy any of their other products in addition to the peel?
Answer: Of course they have other products, but they didn't seem to "push them" on to the consumer. For example, the application directions say to "wash face with mild clear gel cleanser" before applying the peel. And then after the peel is fully rinsed, Skin Peel says to "apply moisturizer. . . SPF 30 or higher." Both seem to allow the consumer to decide what product to use for their skin before and after application. These directions worked for me since I use a moisturizing lotion that has been tried and true for the last 10 years. So I was able to mix the products I already have handy with this new (and always to be used) product.

Question: But do these products come with a little carrying bag that zips up and will fit anywhere? I really need one of those because what if I go on vacation and want to pack it in my carry-on luggage? And what if I get stranded in Houston for three days en route to Washington, D.C because of a once-in-a-40 year snow storm? And what if the closest store to buy quality facial products is 10 miles from my airport hotel and I have no rental car so I pay 50 bucks to a cab driver to get me to a mega mall since I have been cramped up for two days straight watching reruns of I Dream of Jeannie . . . Why I Dream of Jeannie? Because maybe I've been harboring a secret crush on Larry Hagman since the 1st grade is why!
And it was either that or succumbing to an all day binge at the waffle bar. . .
Answer: Ahem. . .Why, yes it is packed in a fun little zip up bag! Also, if you happen to find yourself in a Hawaii-Houston-D.C pickle, Skin Peel has Next Business Day shipping. You could use that cab fare to get your facial needs met AND have a waffle while waiting for your package in the lobby!

In all, SkinPeel is a great addition to my skin care regime. And when I say regime, I mean my 5 minute, 5 step process . . . Now if only the company would come up with a home liposuction kit, that would make my holidays all the more happier!

And speaking of the Holiday Season, SkinPeel is offering a 20% discount on all of its products until December 31, 2010! The discount code is: SHEBLOGS.

By the way, the bottle lasts a long while. When it's done, I plan on posting before and after photos of my aforementioned nose. Up close. Up personal. Upchuck! (at least the "before" photo).

So on that note, I want wish everyone a very Happy Holiday time! May these next days be filled with love, laughter, gratitude and several painless, youthful skin promoting skin peels. Oh, Skin Peel, how I wish you came to me 25 years ago!

I did not receive any compensation for my review of Skin Peel TCA 10% although I was given the product (with the mini carrying case) to facilitate this review. Any and all opinions here are my own.


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