Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shutterfly: The Christmas Stationary Site

I hate to ask . . . but have you started thinking about Christmas preparations yet?  More specifically, Christmas cards?  For the last two years, our lives have been in such upheaval that I didn't get Christmas cards sent out.  And I try not to skip two years in a row.  I love reading the letters and cards our friends and family send and the hub always shakes his head in disappointment when he realizes (like the day before Christmas) that I got too busy to send out cards (this is where I rail and rage against gendered obligations at Christmas time because they mean I have to do an awful lot of stuff but that is perhaps fodder for another post).

So, instead of committing to work on Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving, I'm starting now.  After Halloween.  Shutterfly has some ADORABLE designs.  As in so adorable I want to have more babies so I can stick them on these cards.  My older ones and the dog will have to do for now.  Just check these designs out here.  Cute or what?  And there are over 700 gorgeous Christmas designs starting from the jump page here.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, Shutterfly also has Hannukah cards. If you already have Christmas cards, Shutterfly even has Christmas-themed address labels for your envelopes.  Um, they even have Thanksgiving cards!  Basically, Shutterfly is the one-stop shop online for all of your holiday stationary needs.  I'm looking forward to sending gorgeous cards to our friends and family this year from Shutterfly.

I did not receive any compensation for this blog post although I will receive complimentary holiday cards from Shutterfly.  Any and all opinions here are my own.
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