Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review of (Seed) Healthy Hand Cream

I've discovered one of the ways in my house to tell whether a product is good or not.  When someone steals it.  Okay, not felony theft or anything.  More like a teenager sneaking off with it and then keeping it on her nightstand instead of returning it to me.  That's how I started to review (seed) Healthy Hand Cream, by searching frantically in the place I'd left it and then sneaking into my daughter's room to reclaim it from her. 

First Born does have good taste.  (seed) Healthy Hand Cream is 100% natural and is paraben-, phthalate- and petrochemical- free.  Further it has not been tested on animals, does not include animal ingredients or artificial colors.  What it does have is grape seed oil, shea butter, jojoba seed oil and lots of other great ingredients to soothe and condition your hands.  I love that the cream isn't heavy or greasy.  First Born loves the invigorating citrus blend--she says that it smells refreshing!  Also, she compares it to a body lotion she uses that makes her hands oily so that when she touches her face it makes her face feel oily as well. (seed) Healthy Hand Cream doesn't leave her hands or face feeling gross.

The bottom line is that (seed) Healthy Hand Cream is like a vacation for your hands (in a tube!).  It feels great when I put it on and is fast-absorbing. I love that (seed) uses natural ingredients and has a commitment to sustainability.  (seed) Healthy Hand Cream is a product that is easy to love--in more ways than one!

You can buy (seed) Healthy Hand Cream here.

 I did not receive compensation from (seed) for this review.  I did receive a product sample in order to facilitate a review.  Any and all opinions are my own.


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