Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nutrisystem Update #1

I've been on Nutrisystem for over a week now and I've lost over 3 lbs!  I feel good and I'm hardly ever hungry.  I love not having to think at length about what I'm going to eat.  I pick an entry for whatever meal is coming and group it with whatever veggie and/or fruit I have on hand.  My two dairy/protein stand-bys have been skim milk and lowfat cottage cheese.  The food is portable so I don't have to eat off-plan (I just take it with me) and I don't feel like I'm missing out at all.  As a result of the ease of this food plan, I spend more time on the things that make me happy (blogging is one!), I have plenty of energy and I don't feel put upon about having to move/exercise more.

Not all has been perfectly perfect. I *allowed* myself to eat off plan for my daughter's birthday.  Twice.  But with Nutrisystem it is easy to climb back on for the next meal.  Also, not all of the meals have been winners for me.  I like food with strong flavor and interesting texture.  As a result, I find myself enjoying most of the Italian entries.  On the other hand, because of the texture, I haven't liked the Asian dishes.  I also don't like the ones with chicken and gravy because the taste is canned-bland (my own term; my own rhyme).

As for the desserts, most everything has been treat-like except for the fudge brownie (which has me asking, "why, why?").  My kids zeroed in on the brownie when I opened it and were sorely disappointed at the taste.  To me it tasted like artificial sweetener.  But the other desserts don't.  Shrug.  For breakfast, I've been enjoying the scones although nowhere else in the free world would these things be called scones.  Still, they're fab with skim milk.  The snacks with a strong flavor have been good (nacho crisps, honey mustard pretzels).  Some of the others taste like soy.  I'm ok with the ups and downs of how the Nutrisystem food tastes.  Real life eating off-plan is often the same.  At least with Nutrisystem I don't have to worry about gaining when an entree or snack doesn't taste the way I'd like it to.  One last plus: everything is fortified with protein so I'm never feeling weak.

I'll continue to check in regarding my weight on Fridays.  (If you use your imagination, right now is the back end of Friday.)  I'm going to start recording my measurements on Mondays as a way to further inspire myself to keep it up.  One particular moment when I was proud of myself was when we ordered pizza for dinner.  I took out my Nutrisystem pizza and made it for me instead of eating Dominoes.  And my pizza was satisfying enough that I didn't even long for Dominoes.  Who am I?  Fah-reaky!


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