Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time Machine Tuesday (Darcel Wynne - Solid Gold Lead Dancer)

So I'm driving home from town with the kids in tow, thinking about what to blog next.  Oh, I have lots of ideas but I'm soooo tired tonight.  I invented a Tuesday meme (I hope) that was triggered by an Air Supply song on the radio and my sappy singing along which made the kiddos laugh. Air Supply led to vintage 80s Elton John and pretty soon I was thinking about the Solid Gold dancers and how can I nostalgia-late about Solid Gold without reflecting upon the glory that was the Solid Gold head dancer, Darcel?  (not possible, I tell you!)  And just like everything else in this world, several montages of Darcel's work on Solid Gold are available on youtube.  I chose this one because it has more than one Duran Duran song (ah, Nick Rhodes, why didn't you pick me? Just because I wasn't British or a rich heiress?).  I especially like when Darcel does the worm around 4:20.

Happy Time Machine Tuesday everyone! Peace out!


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