Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nutrisystem Update #2

After 2 weeks and 2 days on Nutrisystem, I'm down over 6 lbs--and this after one off-plan day this week and in the face of "monthly womanhood".  Usually I'm a lot crankier during this time and unable to stay on any kind of eating plan.  While I feel hungrier than usual, I'm eating extra veggies (craving pickles--no, no pregger cravings) and drinking more water.

And I love not having to cook! The hub has been gone for the past week so dinners for the kids have been mostly sandwiches or Taco Bell.  Makes it easy for me to stay on plan with my food.  I think it will still be easy to eat Nutrisystem even when the hub is back tomorrow but its been nice to have the break from meal planning and prep.

So here's to the last two weeks of my accidental Nutrisystem experiment and to talking the hub into buying another month of it.  Cross your fingers and everything else for me!
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