Monday, October 11, 2010

#Mamavation Monday

Last week's #mamavation post was more of a plea to the sistahood to let me in.  I blogged, I tweeted, I pledged and @bookieboo notified me that I was in.  YESSSSS!  Now comes the work.  To the right, you see my newly pedicured toes on the scale. Yes, I'm posting my weight (gasp!) and I can only hope that my students never put this image in a powerpoint presentation for class (that's not funny, kids! especially when i'm in charge of your grade.).  Yes, in case you can't see that number on the scale, its 191.4.  To change habits, one has to be organized.  If anything, I have always had the desire to eat healthy and get active--I've just suffered from lack of organization.  So here's my map for success for this week:

Meal plan: in which I use prepackaged protein-rich food for breakfast and lunch (oatmeal, progresso light soups, lean cuisine, etc) supplemented with servings of fruit and/or veggies.  For dinner, I'll eat what my family is eating: protein/veggie/starch/fruit.  But I'll be measuring out portions on my kitchen scale which, I've discovered, doesn't feel like a chore. I've made a meal plan for our family dinners and a complete meal plan for all of my meals/snacks.  Both are on the fridge.  Yesterday the hub did the grocery shopping for this week's meals and on Wednesday we get a new fruit & veggie box.

Activity: Walking 30 mins MWF (for starters). 30 Day Shred TTHSat (as much as I can do for starters).

This week I purchased some tools I need for success:
This week's sponsor of our Mamavation blogging carnival is SUBWAY. They are giving away a green iPod and iTunes card to one lucky person who mentions them in their Mamavation Monday post.  Oh SUBWAY, I'm mentioning you!

Here is the Mamavation Monday post, Our guests will be the Mamavation Finalists.  I watched the finalists' videos this weekend and I loved them all!  You can watch them here and vote for your favorite finalist.

 I've got some shout-outs for the finalists:
@its_gail: you were hilarious in your video and nice graphics!
@rachelsteffen: you look really tall and such a great smile!
@momma_oz: i can relate to those voices in your head--they're the same as mine!
@CJinKY: I am totally reading your twitter handle as "See Jinky" & you're funny!
@bodhi_bear: you seem pretty zen. i'm jealous . . . in a supportive way, of course!
@couponprincess: jeggings! lol! and i like your kitchen!

SISTA OF THE WEEK: And a BIG congratulations to Amanda of @beeacutie2 for being the Sista of the Week!

Don't forget to RSVP for the Twitter party 10/18,

Can't wait to see what kind of personal growth and (loss . . . of inches and lbs, ha!) the sistas and I have this week!
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