Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Nutrisystem Updates to Mamavation Mondays

I missed my last Nutrisystem update.  My total loss for a month was 9lbs and I was feeling good even though I was more than a little worried about what would happen when I go back to meal prep on my own.  Combine the end of the Nutrisystem gravy train with the hub heading out of town for the second time in a month--for over a week each time.  I can usually get through the first few days of being a single parent before I realize how hard it is and beg the hub to come back pronto. 

Both of those currents running through my life led to The Weekend of Crappy Eating--which I've just now pulled my head out of (complete with crappy food hangover headache).  I'm back on my home-made plan with consists of me eyeballing the number of calories and grams of protein in the Nutrisystem servings and matching up regular ole supermarket equivalents.  I'm also stuffing the same amount of veggies and fruits down every day.  When I'm not feeling mentally drained from single parenting, this pseudo Nutrisystem works well.

Being on Nutrisystem helped me to realize the importance of portion control.  It was a useful month-long experiment.  I'm now pledging the Mamavation sistahood which is kind of like a sorority only cooler and without the annual dues.  So, to the Sistahood, I want in, ladies! I will support other Mamavation sistas on Twitter, on Mamavation TV and the network of sista blogs.  Because when I support you, I receive support as well--whether its a virtual pat on the back from a sista or whether its just getting inspired by the fabulousness of moms doing it for themselves.

At this point in my life (my early 40s and the heaviest I've ever been), I would love some cheer-leading.  I've dieted in secret for many years.  I don't know how secret it was--not like my size is a secret.  But to admit my problem to others was to admit my weakness so I wasn't hip to that groove.  In the meantime, because of work and family stress, I got bigger.  I'm ready to admit that I have a problem and that I want to do what it takes to solve it.
My big challenge is getting myself to be more active.  I know I need to do it but something in my brain is holding me back.  I need the sistas to talk me through this block.  I've taken the mini-van away from myself starting today when I rode the bike to work (and got rained on, mahalo sky!).  Everything I need is within walking/riding distance so I'm moving my body to get to work and to the store.

I have no idea how the Sistahood keeps track of weekly inch loss and/or weight loss so I hope any sista stopping by can tell me.  I also don't know the guidelines for eating and/or moving.  I do know I need a community in which I feel supported and can return that support to others.  I hope I've found it.

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